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Windshield Removal Kit

Removing glued-in windshields can be tricky. The clearances between the dash- board and the inside of the glass is often too small for a knife to fit ... more

Diamond Windshield Burr

For best results with our Windshield Repair Kit #40008 use this diamond coated burr to make a precise hole in the damaged glass and make a stronger re... more

Windshield Repair Kit

Repair Windshield Chips - Most stone chips and small breaks only penetrate the outer layer of the windshield. This kit repairs them with a unique resi... more

Windshield Chip Repair System

This kit includes both the (40008) Windshield Repair Kit and the (52030) Diamond Windshield Burr. Most stone chips and small breaks only penetrate the... more

Glass Polishing Compound 1 pound

One pound Glass Compound is enough to recondition several windshields. Use with Glass Polishing Wheel (40011 A). First mark the damaged area, mix the ... more

Glass Polishing Wheel

This Glass Polishing Wheel is used with the Pro Glass Polishing Compound (40011B) to remove the windshiled wiper haze typical of older vehicles. Not f... more

Windshield Resin Refill

Most stone chips and small breaks only penetrate the outer layer of the windshield - the kit repairs these with a unique resin that actually penetrate... more

Glass Polishing Kit Pro

This kit can be used to clear off years of wiper haze from your windshield and save hundreds of dollars in replacement costs. Ideal for hard-to-find w... more

4" Power Grip Vacuumcup

Multi Purpose Suction Cup Use this suction cup for pulling out larger dents, holding side glass in place during adjustments or removing windshields. H... more

3M Hookit Conversion Face 5" Backing Pad

The Hook-It Conversion Face has a peel-off backing to that sticks to a clean 4 1/2"-5" backing pad. The fuzzy Hook-It face allows the abrasive films t... more

3M Hookit Film A35 Coarse Green 5" No Hole

Coarse A35 Glass Cutting Abrasive - Use this coarse glass cutting abrasive to remove deep scratches. NOTE It is very difficult to use this abrasive wi... more

3M Hookit Film A10 Medium Blue 5" Diam.

Medium A10 Glass Cutting Abrasive - Use this medium glass cutting abrasive to remove deep scratches. It is often better to use several of the Medium A... more

3M Hookit Film A5 Fine Orange 5" Diam

Fine A5 Glass Cutting Abrasive - Use this fine glass cutting abrasive on your air sander set at 200 rpm to remove light scratches. After defects have ... more

Glass Polishing Kit For Deep Scratches

Remove Deep Scratches From Glass - Now you can recondition deeply scratched automotive glass and save the replacement costs. This abrasive system lite... more

Glass Deep Scratch Restoration Kit

Includes: (1) 43578 5 inch DAQ Random Orbital Sander with Pad, (1) 40011A Glass Polishing Wheel, (1) 40011B Glass Polishing Compound, (1)400330A 3M Ho... more

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